Sky Top Lodge and Hike

Here are some more shots from my recent trip to the Pocono Mountains.  The old Sky Top Lodge is beautiful.

Sky Top 010


The cottage we stayed in was pretty cool.

Sky Top 001We hiked to the waterfall and lake which were nearly frozen solid!

Sky Top 002 Sky Top 004But the views were breathtaking and the hike was great.  I love the colder weather as long as you are dressed properly!

Sky Top 015 Sky Top 005 Sky Top 006 Sky Top 013 Sky Top 014




4 thoughts on “Sky Top Lodge and Hike

  1. Looks beautiful. You’re so right about hiking in the cold. It’s great if you’re dressed properly. Been a long time since I was last in the Poconos. It’s good to get a glimpse of that area again. 🙂

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