Poison Ivy Vine

poison ivy tree

Hiking along, minding my own business.  I came across a monster poison ivy vine going up a tree.  This reminds me of the Tom Cruise version of the War of the Worlds.  The “vines” in the movie were really carrying blood for the aliens…but anyway.  Remember, this is not Grand Theft Auto.  It’s for real!

Here is a poison ivy vine with leaves at the base.  Notice the three leaf pattern to watch out for when in the woods.  And of course, look for the weird vines in the trees!

poison ivy leaf


Qwazy Wabbits!

I was at a playground with my son and there were several rabbits running in circles everywhere.  They were not shy and were running and jumping all over the place.  They finally wore themselves out and took a break.  Soon after, they disappeared into the brush.funny bunnybunny bunnies sleeping rabbit

rabbits Rabbit jump wow wabbit wow wabbits

Reflections on a hike

I went for a short hike with my son and took a few quick shots.  The temperature was mild and the wind was calm.  Very peaceful.

water plants

It was the end of the day and the sun was setting.  There was still enough light to capture some reflections on the pond.

lily pads


A pair of ducks wandered around but otherwise it was pretty quiet.  We were looking for frogs and turtles but just found the ducks.

water fowl

Here today, gone tomorrow…

It was just days ago that I posted the pictures of the baby Robins in the nest.  They grew up so fast…and now they’re gone.  It reminds me of how precious time is and how we need to stop and smell the roses more often.  Enjoy the little things in life.

Baby Robins


Nature can be so beautiful but it all changes so quickly.  The same goes for our lives and  children who grow up so fast.  Stop and watch the children play.  Don’t be in such a rush all the time.  Everything is not so important that you can’t indulge the little ones once in a while.  You will be surprised how much you gain from giving them so little.

Empty Nest

Happiness is…

Watching the baby birds grow.  It is nice that the mother bird decided that a tree branch about four feet off the ground was the ideal place to make a nest.  We noticed the nest from creation to almost ready to fly.

Baby Birds 1

My four year old (or four and a half as he would say) enjoys checking them out on a daily basis.

Baby Birds 2

It’s amazing how fast they grow!  It looks like they are singing an opera.

baby birds

In reality, they are saying, Feed me!!!!

Baby Birds 4

We are happy they are here and will be sorry to see them go…

Baby Birds 5