Lets talk turkey!

You might think from the first picture and the background that I was at a turkey farm.  But take a look at the second picture and you will see I was at a lumber company.  This is actually on a busy two lane road.  I had to turn around and park the car because this was just too cool.

wild turkeys

I have seen many hens in my day, roaming the fields and sometimes, backyards.  But this is the first time I saw several toms or gobblers.  They look like what we used to draw in grade school.


The other cool thing is that the gobblers don’t have a bounce in their step.  They simply glide along and appear to be floating across the grass.  There were three tom turkeys to nine hens.  You do the math!


I’m Stuffed!

We visited a museum in Philadelphia.  There were many things to see but I thought the displays of stuffed animals (no not the soft fuzzy kind) were pretty cool.  The back drops were ok, but the animals themselves were well preserved.

Stuffed MountainStuffed BisonStuffed Moose