Red Sky in Morning…

I was surprised by the color of the sky and had to share…

Sky 3 Sky 1 Sky 2


Hurricane Sandy creates a Frankenstorm…and I am thankful.

At first, I was just going to post some pictures of my neighborhood and the fallen trees that knocked out power for over 14 hours.  I was going to talk about the inconvenience of not watching TV, worrying about the food in my fridge or that I had to take buckets of water out of my basement sump pump all night so it didn’t over flow onto my basement floor.  These pictures are interesting to locals, but meaningless in the grand scheme of things.

What the morning brought me was perspective.  When the power came back on and I saw the news, I realized that what I encountered was a minor inconvenience compared to many others who lost their entire neighborhood, homes, cars and some lost their lives.  What it must be like to endure the torture of losing everything and not knowing where to begin to rebuild.

In Atlantic City NJ, and many other shore towns and barrier islands along the coast, everything is flooded.  Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

The levee broke in Teterboro NJ and it was like Katrina all over again.

And in Breezy Point Queens, NY,  more than 80 homes flooded and then burned to the ground from the storm.  The entire neighborhood is gone.  Photo by Pearl Gabel for The Wall Street Journal.

So I look back over the past 24 hours and decide I was lucky.  I am thankful for my problems.  I have my health, my family, and my life.  And I pray for those who lost and who now need to start again.

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Storm cloud or alien spaceship?

Believe it or not, this was the end of a beautiful sunny day.  It was a hot, humid day but when a cold front pushed through, it resulted in a huge storm cloud.  That cloud turned into an extremely violent storm.  Three tornados touched down in New York.  Luckily, we only got pouring rain, wind and some thunder and lightning.

When you look at this photo, it appears to be a huge alien spaceship darkening the sky.  You never know.  Maybe that’s how they hide the mother ship.  In a storm cloud!  Hmm, I did notice a gap in time that I can’t remember…