This should bring a smile…

Check out this video.  It’s inspirational and moving (and only a couple minutes long!)    Please leave comments here on wordpress, not on the link.  Thanks.

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Lets climb a tree

On a recent hike, I overheard a woman, who was probably in her late sixties or maybe even early seventies, talking about climbing trees.  We were in  a heavily wooded area, with very tall trees.  It stuck with me and I had to write about it.  Here is this woman, later in life, thinking back to when she was young and remembering climbing trees.  It made me smile but also made me reflect on my own life and think about all people on a very human level.

My first memory, recently refreshed by my mother, was when I was about five.  I climbed to the top of a tree so tall, that I couldn’t get down.  I remember being afraid and my only instinct was to climb higher since I couldn’t get down.  And then, when I could go no higher, I froze and held tight.  I couldn’t let go of the tree.  My mother couldn’t find me and enlisted the help of others.  I was too afraid to shout out.  My mother finally heard a soft cry coming from up high in the tree.  Someone had to climb up to coax me down.  I was fine and continued climbing until I was a teen.

We as adults look back with fond memories of growing up but never seem to recapture the playfulness of our youth.  Makes me think of Peter Pan, the Robbin Williams version with Dustin Hoffman as Captain Hook.  If you didn’t see it, get in the right frame of mind and watch it.  Also, check out the movie Cocoon. It’s about a group of senior citizens who are rejuvenated in a swimming pool by an alien life force.  They play kick the can!

So, why do we stop climbing trees or doing the things that made us happy?  Why do we grow up and stop doing the simple things in life that used to bring us so much joy?  Is it the pressure of adulthood?  Do we become too mature to do these things?  Or is it fear?  Fear of injury or fear of our peers opinions of this immaturity?  Or are we just replacing those activities with new ones?  More adult ones.  I am guilty of this too. 

But, for those of us who are parents we have a choice.  We can sit around as mature adults or we can use our children as an excuse to climb a tree!  It will probably make them smile too.  So come on…lets climb a tree and we will all be happier!


Deprivation and appreciation

Have you ever deprived yourself of something and then when you got it, it was so much better than you were expecting?  Do you ever notice how much better food tastes when your really hungry?  Hiking can do this to a person, but it also happens in regular life.

I was trying out some new hiking equipment.  I wanted to set up my new tent in the woods behind my house at 9:30 at night and sleep out there.  Of course, my wife just giggled.  It was dark and about 45 degrees F.  I had a sleeping bag that was not rated for cold.  My son and I set out in the dark to see if we could set up the tent using just a headlamp.  That was fine, but the ground was hard and cold.  My sleeping bag was a piece of garbage.  It went down to 35 degrees F and my feet were cold.  Of course my nose was cold too.

The point is, we were successful at setting up the tent and made it through the night, but when the sun came up, I went back to the house and got into my warm, soft bed.  It was heaven!  It’s hard to describe how good, how comfortable and warm that bed felt.

Here’s the challenge.  Try to deprive yourself of something.  Then, when you give in, you will appreciate it so much more.  The simple things in life can be appreciated so much more if we manage our lives differently.  Let me know if you have experienced this or if you give it a try and what happens.  Thanks!

I don’t buy it!!

I make it a practice to “shop” by way of thinking about it, shopping for the best deals, reading the reviews, comparing features and prices and actually looking at the item if it is in an actual store versus on the internet. Then, I make the clear decision to buy or not to buy.

Investing the time and not making an impulse buy allows you time to evaluate the buying decision and to come down from the high you get when you go shopping. The cool part is, much of the time after I do all that I often walk away not buying it unless I truely need it. And that feels even better! If you then get non-buyers remorse and decide you really need or want it, go ahead and buy it.