Photos from the Black Run Hike


Black Run Preserve and Watershed

I hiked today with a group of 25 other hikers, photographers, bird watchers, environmentalists and members of the Black Run Preserve and Pinelands Preservation Alliance.  The goal was to raise awareness of the current protected Green Space and the surrounding privately owned land that will ultimately effect the Preserve.

There is a huge tract of land that is owned by a developer who wants to build about 300 homes on his land.  The issue is not developement.  Of course, it is his land.  He purchased it fair and square.  The issue is the headwaters that travel from his land and run through the preserve.  Ultimately, these waters connect with the Rancocas Creek and into the Delaware River and then the ocean.

The concern is that whatever chemicals people use on the lawns such as fertilizer and pesticides, detergents to wash cars, streets, etc, will end up in the groundwater.  There is a delicate balance in nature and many plants and animals need this balance to survive.  The Black Run will only remain pristine if the headwater areas are protected from excessive developement.

If interested, “like” this post and please leave a comment. They are forming the “Friends of Black Run” to help work with the local government and community to make the best decisions for everyone.  I will update the status if people are interested.


Check out Pinelands Preservation Alliance at:  select “Exploration” and click on Black Run Preserve for the full story and info.

Quiet…did you hear that?

Living close to a wooded area is great.  Seeing critters in your back yard is great fun.

I’ll be hiking in the Black Run Preserve this weekend.  REI is partnering with the Pinelands Preservation Alliance to raise awareness and try to save the land from developement.  I’ll provide more info and a link after the hike.

In the meantime, check out my friends below.

This is the trail behind my house.

Just playin’

You ever see those very large Cicada Killer bees. Here’s one carrying it’s prey, a Cicada beetle.