Hey Scooby, where are you?

As I sit and watch Shaggy and Scooby with my four-year-old, I am reminded that they were the original ghost chasers.  Now we have Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, Celebrity Ghost Stories, Paranormal Investigators and several other ghost hunting shows.

There are also many groups, Facebook pages and societies who practice the “art” of hunting ghosts.  Maybe this is a way to add fun into the lives of plumbers by day, ghost hunters by night.  And why at night?  Is it for dramatic television or could it be that ghosts only come out at night?  Do they sleep during the day?

Isn’t it convenient that the ghost hunters try to decide if the ghost in question is intelligent or residual energy?  Well, if they don’t respond to my questions, they must be residual energy going about the routine they are destined to repeat for eternity.

I like these shows.  But does anyone else not hear the words that are being interpreted on the recording devices?  Sometimes they are quite clear, but other times it’s a stretch.  And the connections they make between the “words” they hear and the meanings they interpret.  It’s fun to believe, but, ah, a little help here.

Anyway, the show is over and the Mystery Machine needs an oil change.  Speaking of change, someone please donate some new outfits to these crazy kids!  Thanks.