Woodford Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge

Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge rehabilitates injured or abandoned animals and educates the public about nature and the environment.  Please click through to check them out and donate if you can.  Or, if you are local, stop in for a visit.  Here are some photos from my visit.  This eagle was so cool!

Eagle Cedar Run 007 Cedar Run 008

We visited and took a hike around the lake.

Cedar Run 003 Cedar Run 020



We also had the opportunity to see some of the other animals they care for year round.

Cedar Run 018 red fox barn owl horned owl raccoon

History from the website http://www.cedarrun.org

In 1951, Jim and Betty Woodford bought a 185 acre parcel of land, in what were then the wilds of Medford Township, to use as a summer get-away. They quickly fell in love with the beauty of the Pinelands and decided to live here full time. By 1957 they built their first home with a view of the lake, and founded Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge. Betty became a local authority on the flora and fauna of the NJ Pinelands, and quickly began teaching others what she knew.
Over the next 40 years, Betty and Jim devoted their lives to Pinelands preservation, environmental education and wildlife rehabilitation. Betty became an expert botanist, naturalist, nature photographer and wildlife rehabilitator. She was renowned for her Pinelands education programs. In 1997 the Woodford’s ultimate dream was realized when a Green Acres grant preserved Cedar Run’s land and buildings for future generations.