The best scallops I ever tasted!

I don’t golf but if you do,and your ever in the area, be sure to check out the Crystal Spring Resort in Sussex County, NJ.  We stayed there over a weekend and had a very relaxing time.  The views were amazing!  The food was great!

This resort is were I went and then posted about my encounter with the bears.  So great hiking in the area as well.  The bears were not near this part of the resort!  It is near the Appalachian Trail.

Below are some pictures from the Bistro.  I had the steak and my wife had the seafood over risotto. (I can do without the foam)  The complimentary lobster with black pasta was a nice touch.  My wife never had scallops before.  I tasted them and I told her that after she eats these, she should never eats scallops again.  Others will never live up to her expectations after this meal!

From the website:

Crystal Springs Resort is a spectacular NJ vacation destination, acclaimed as the New York Metro area’s most unique four-season resort. Located in the rolling farmland of the Garden State’s picturesque northwest, our world-class NJ resort is just an hour from New York City.