I don’t buy it!!

I make it a practice to “shop” by way of thinking about it, shopping for the best deals, reading the reviews, comparing features and prices and actually looking at the item if it is in an actual store versus on the internet. Then, I make the clear decision to buy or not to buy.

Investing the time and not making an impulse buy allows you time to evaluate the buying decision and to come down from the high you get when you go shopping. The cool part is, much of the time after I do all that I often walk away not buying it unless I truely need it. And that feels even better! If you then get non-buyers remorse and decide you really need or want it, go ahead and buy it.


Minimalist hiking, minimalist living…

There are some who hike or backpack with a very minimalist approach.  Every ounce counts.  Instead of carrying a tent, they bring a tarp, maybe a sleeping bag or just a hammock.  I give them a lot of credit, although it’s not for me.  My current pack weight is about 20 pounds without food or clothes.  More on that another time.

I came across a blog today that talks about minimalist living.  At first, it sounded very extreme.  Then, as I read more and thought about it, I actually live that way to some degree.  It really depends on the person and how minimalist they want to live their lives.

I suggest everyone check it out for a new perspective.  We can all learn something from this and probably benefit from it too.