Canada’s Landscapes

Here are some pictures I took when hiking and kayaking in Halifax, Nova Scotia and Saint John.  We took a cruise to Canada and I posted before about exploring Peggy’s Cove, but enjoyed the nature and landscapes much more than the cruise.  Maybe next time we will plan more time on land than sea!

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Exploring Peggy’s Cove

While on a cruise around the Eastern Canadian coast, we took a bus and then hiked around Peggys Cove –  St. Margarets Bay in Nova Scotia‘s Halifax Regional Municipality.  We discovered many amazing sights and photo opportunities including the lighthouse set atop a mound of dangerous yet beautiful rock formations.

One of my favorite shots is this picturesque scene of the fishing village.

And more beautiful scenery.

Niagara Falls tightrope walker

I recently posted pictures of the Niagara Falls not realising that Nik Wallenda was going to walk across on a tightrope.  I watched last night and thought it was a great accomplishment, although not one that I would try any day soon.  It didn’t take him that long and it was certainly a lot faster than walking around the falls!

Tightrope walking is called funambulism.  Sounds a lot like fun-embolism.  An embolism doesn’t sound fun and is certainly not a good thing.  I think this type of activity is not such a good idea either!  Accomplishment or not.

The waters of Niagara Falls

The water looks so colorful that it appears to be chlorinated.

The rapids run so fast that you are sure to be swept away if you decided to take a swim.

The beauty is so sure that you can’t take your eyes off of it.