Turtle Tales

I recently read a story about an 80-year-old man who found a turtle on his property.  When he picked up the turtle, he found a date back in 1965 and the initials of his then 13-year-old son carved into the bottom of the shell.  Apparently, the 13-year-old boy had previously found the turtle and left his mark in hopes of someday finding the turtle again.  The father called his now 60-year-old son and told him of his find.  He kept the turtle a few days and then let it go.  (This picture is not the actual turtle.  The actual turtle has more wrinkles and sun spots!)

By the way, eastern box turtles often live to 50 years and can live to be 100!

I had a friend when I was his age, 13 not 60, who lived in a house that backed to a creek.  It was a tidal creek and we found many critters there such as snakes, fish, frogs and turtles.  My friend had tanks in his basement with heat lamps, pumps, filters and various types of food, like mice for the snakes.  He would catch and keep any creature that was slower moving than he was!  I though that was really cool.  Looking back, it was really cool.  I wonder what he is doing today? I now have a son who is 13.  He has a tank and likes to catch and keep whatever he finds.  The only rule is that we let it go after a couple of days.  He doesn’t like the rule, but if he wants to catch them, he has to release them.

Does anyone else have any memories or experiences like these?  Do you have an outdoor child, boy or girl, who likes to catch things?  How do you feel about it?