My Finch Post

Another amazing act of nature.  I was working in the yard and noticed a small bird coming out of a fence post.  The fence is designed for the rail to go into the post but it is old and not joined together.

fence postThe birds, finches I think, entered the opening and created a nest in the hole.

finch nest

The interesting part is that the hole used to gone straight, but something bored down into the post creating a pocket in which they created the nest.  Not sure how that happened.

nest in post

Finches are small, but baby finches are tiny!  It makes you want to just pick them up and hold them.  But, of course, that would not be good for the baby birds so I just look.

Baby finch in post

They do squeak and open their beaks when they are hungry.  They will only be here a short time.  I hope they enjoyed their stay!

singing finches


Happiness is…

Watching the baby birds grow.  It is nice that the mother bird decided that a tree branch about four feet off the ground was the ideal place to make a nest.  We noticed the nest from creation to almost ready to fly.

Baby Birds 1

My four year old (or four and a half as he would say) enjoys checking them out on a daily basis.

Baby Birds 2

It’s amazing how fast they grow!  It looks like they are singing an opera.

baby birds

In reality, they are saying, Feed me!!!!

Baby Birds 4

We are happy they are here and will be sorry to see them go…

Baby Birds 5