Downtown Dairy

While on business in Richmond Virginia, I looked down a side street and saw a strange but very cool building.

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Built in 1914, the Richmond Dairy Company building remains one of Richmond’s best examples of the creativity and eccentricity of respected Richmond architecture firm Carneal & Johnston. The building was commissioned by the prosperous Richmond Dairy Company, which was started in 1890 by dairymen J.O. Scott, A.L. Scott and T.L. Blanton. The chain grocery stores and cardboard cartons forced the Richmond Dairy Company out of business in 1970, but the forty-foot tall milk bottles on either side of the front entrance to the building remain. The building has served many uses over the years, including its current form as rental apartments. – Photos courtesy me.  Text courtesy of:

Richmond Dairy Apartments

Richmond history

Richmond Dairy Apartments


Monster House Revisited!

Well, if you previously visited the original Monster House post, here is the follow-up.  I did go to visit again and guess what?  The birds are gone!  So it appears that there were two large birds sitting on the chimneys at the same time.  It originally seemed that they may have been fake birds placed there to deter other roosting birds, but in fact they were roosting birds!

Here are photos of the front from a different angle, the side, and rear of the building.  You can clearly see that the birds have flown off.

But now a new strangeness appears…Take a look at the third photo. Zoom in to the middle and upper windows. Do you see eyes and faces?

Monster House Revisited 4 Monster House Revisited 1 Monster House Revisited 2 Monster House Revisited 3

Exploring Peggy’s Cove

While on a cruise around the Eastern Canadian coast, we took a bus and then hiked around Peggys Cove –  St. Margarets Bay in Nova Scotia‘s Halifax Regional Municipality.  We discovered many amazing sights and photo opportunities including the lighthouse set atop a mound of dangerous yet beautiful rock formations.

One of my favorite shots is this picturesque scene of the fishing village.

And more beautiful scenery.

His Master’s Voice


The Victor Talking Machine Company (19011929) was an American corporation, the leading American producer of phonographs and phonograph records and one of the leading phonograph companies in the world at the time. It was headquartered in Camden, New Jersey.

The building where the company was located is still standing in Camden NJ.  It was converted to apartments and is now called The Victor Lofts and is home to many students at Rutgers University-Camden.  The view across the river is the Philadelphia skyline.

Look closely at the photo below and you can see the stained glass at the top of the building with the dog and the talking machine.  Very cool!