Textures of the Beach

Natural beauty is everywhere if we just slow down and look closely.


beaches 20130728_171801 20130728_171815 20130728_171831 20130728_171836 20130728_171909 20130728_171956 20130728_172259



14 thoughts on “Textures of the Beach

    • I happened to notice, but I’m not sure it was on purpose…your name is lifeat6mpg and the page is 6mph. Should we read into this or…Maybe your life goes fast so you get 6mpg but you slow down to 6mph to write a blog? Or just a typo!

      • chalk it up to poor editing.. The goal is 6 mph.. the reality is much faster, although, this past weekend we spent on the boat, and life slowed down considerably! ( except for the time spent on the Garden State Parkway on our way to the boat 😦 )

      • thanks for the heads up.. I fixed the typo.. what part of new jersey? i just posted about the time we spent this past weekend at Tice’s Shoals at Island Beach State Park.. had a wonderful time.

  1. Great photos. Great contrasts as well. It is amazing what you can find to take pictures of if you take the time to look and also look more closely at a place. Even if your first reaction is that there is nothing here to see, you will eventually find something.

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