Here today, gone tomorrow…

It was just days ago that I posted the pictures of the baby Robins in the nest.  They grew up so fast…and now they’re gone.  It reminds me of how precious time is and how we need to stop and smell the roses more often.  Enjoy the little things in life.

Baby Robins


Nature can be so beautiful but it all changes so quickly.  The same goes for our lives and  children who grow up so fast.  Stop and watch the children play.  Don’t be in such a rush all the time.  Everything is not so important that you can’t indulge the little ones once in a while.  You will be surprised how much you gain from giving them so little.

Empty Nest


6 thoughts on “Here today, gone tomorrow…

  1. Great pics – we’re watching a few nests right now…bluebirds, barn swallows, tree swallows and a lone chickadee who tookover one of the bluebird houses! P.S. Thanks for following my blog!

  2. I was there for a visit and got to see them and his baby bunny family…in the middle of the yard…nature is so beautiful…and yes, you are right, time goes by so quickly and before you know it we are the grandparents and they too need to be cherished….I had a fantastic visit with family !

  3. Hi one (and/or all)! Great to meet you! I have to know – did all the fledglings make it? We’ve experienced the same w/ some finches; talk about kids growing up so fast! Now, we’re enjoying a young crow who want nothing but to be fed. Fun! Thanks as well for tapping into my site and liking some earlier posts, “The Wasp Dance” and “Basking Turtles”.

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