Happiness is…

Watching the baby birds grow.  It is nice that the mother bird decided that a tree branch about four feet off the ground was the ideal place to make a nest.  We noticed the nest from creation to almost ready to fly.

Baby Birds 1

My four year old (or four and a half as he would say) enjoys checking them out on a daily basis.

Baby Birds 2

It’s amazing how fast they grow!  It looks like they are singing an opera.

baby birds

In reality, they are saying, Feed me!!!!

Baby Birds 4

We are happy they are here and will be sorry to see them go…

Baby Birds 5


8 thoughts on “Happiness is…

  1. you got some cute little birdies there! you’res actually open their beaks when you get there. ours hunker down and try to hide….they’ll be gone before you know it. ours are! oh, and thanks for liking my blog.

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