Spring Flowers – Let them Bee!

My wife purchased a package of various spring flower bulbs and seeds.  We had an idea of what we were getting, but the package included a variety of flower types.  The surprise is what colors you were going to get.  Very nice to brighten the yard so early in spring.

Pansies Purple Daisies Tulip close up Tulips

Another not so surprising part of getting flowers is the variety of bees, wasps and flies that are attracted to the bright colors and sweet smells they produce.  Here is just one of our new friends.

Carpenter Bee

Carpenter bees may live in wood but they don’t eat wood.  They do help pollinate flowers and use the pollen to make bee bread to feed the larvae, which by the way, live in your wood decks!



9 thoughts on “Spring Flowers – Let them Bee!

  1. Wow, more colour there than in some of the parks in London yet… though I think the sun has started bringing the flowers out a bit more I wonder how brilliant it will get this year, late spring and all causing late blooming with a narrower window of flowering… still, thanks for the photos, at least I can enjoy them here!

  2. They are beautiful colors! and I am suprised regarding the carpenter bee…I have them every year behind my wooden shutters,they come right up and stare me down when I am close by,watering and weeding. I will share some also, if I can upload

  3. Wonderful colors and flowers and we need more bees so you are helping the environment! I read somewhere that people should plant more flowers that attract bees to help them survive.

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