Batona Trail Overnight Hike

Batona Trail

I enjoyed a 14 mile hike on the northern section of the Batona Trail from Route 70 to Route 532, just before Apple Pie Hill Fire Tower.  I had hiked previously traveling north to this point so I figured I may as well connect the dots.

Batona Trail winter Batona Trail Overnight 006

The hike went well even though some of the trail was flooded and others were frozen.  It went down to 33 degrees at night.

Batona Trail Overnight 057 Batona Trail lake Batona Trail Batona Trail Overnight 028 Batona Trail Batona Trail Overnight 035 Batona Trail

Thankfully, Pakim Pond yurts were opened year round for camping.

Pakim Pond Yurt Batona Trail

The only other issue was a detour that added several miles to the trip.  All in all though, it was a great hike.

Batona Trail detour Batona Trail


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