Carnival Cruise Animals

Despite the recent cruise ship mishaps in Italy and the Gulf of Mexico, we had a great time on a Carnival cruise a couple of years back.  They even made an animal for us each day out of a bath towel.  Each day when we returned to our room, a new and interesting animal magically appeared on our bed.  Can you guess what they are?

Canada Cruise 2011 167 Canada Cruise 2011 016 Canada Cruise 2011 026 Canada Cruise 2011 086 Canada Cruise 2011 161


4 thoughts on “Carnival Cruise Animals

  1. ok, I see a sting ray, a seal,elephant and a frog. They look like animals…But the other ??? looks like a baby wrapped in a blanket… what is it,you going to tell. Happy your cruise was great and safe too

  2. I think number 3 is a dog..? Poor Carnival.. we have done three cruises with them and always had a great experience. If anything was a drag it was some of the passengers!

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