Indian Ladder Falls

We took a long weekend in the Poconos in Eastern Pennsylvania.  Enjoyed a lot of winter activities including hiking, sledding, ice skating, dog sledding, zip line, and a tour on a UTV.  The UTV tour took us to the top of a mountain for a beatiful view and to the bottom of the valley and into Indian Ladder Falls.

The “steps” of the ladder allowed native American Indians to escape capture by climbing the”ladder” to the top of the falls.  There are steep walls on both sides of the valley and the trail ends at the falls.  By the way, in August, the area hits a dry season and the falls dry up.  No water flows during that time.

Poconos January 2013 077

Poconos January 2013 063 Poconos January 2013 064 Poconos January 2013 117

Poconos January 2013 078

Poconos January 2013 070


18 thoughts on “Indian Ladder Falls

  1. These pictures are reminiscent of some of our Hudson Highlands hikes, save for the waterfall pics, which remind me of my hometown, Ithaca. How is the challenge level of Pocono hikes in general?

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  4. Where are these falls located? I have been to an Indian Ladders Falls that are in the Dingmans Ferry, PA area of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreational Area. They are different falls and would like to visit the ones in your photos too.

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