What’s your poison?

Don’t you love traveling and finding a new favorite beverage?  Or do you stick with your old stand by?  I like to change it up a bit, so I will usually ask what the locals drink.  Then, if it doesn’t sound good, I stick with a beer or a vodka drink.

So, what’s your poison or your plan when you travel?


13 thoughts on “What’s your poison?

  1. I love trying new cocktails because everyone makes them differently, and I also like trying local beer varieties as there are so many kinds and the LCBO doesn’t have everything. There’s a delicious one I always drink when I go to Russia but alas, it’s not sold in Canada.

  2. As I tend to go for warmer locations it would have to be the local beer. A couple come to mind: Everest in Nepal and Nile Special in Uganda (tag line Big beer Big taste)
    Although sometimes I do try the strange local brews: snake wine in China (with snakes in the bottle!), Arak (or Arrack) a homemade spirit/whiskey in Borneo or maybe that sticks in my mind because I was drinking it in a longhouse with the Iban tribe who years ago were headhunters!

    • Wow! You get around. Snake wine must give some type of strength or virility. Often a reason to eat or drink animals or certain parts thereof. And… try to keep your head when drinking please!

  3. My default, if I can’t find anything appealing, is cherry vodka and cranberry juice. It sounds a little funky but it is soo good.

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