It’s been a long time…


It’s been a long time since a train ran through these parts.  These tracks run through what is left of Atsion Village.  I will have more photos of the remaining structures in other posts shortly.

I found reference of the Central Railroad of NJ and several other names as the land and railroad was purchased by several people over the years.  Here is a link with detailed information about the railroads of the era.


10 thoughts on “It’s been a long time…

  1. what its it about old RR tracks? Do they appeal to the hobo in each of us, wanting to hop a train and see where it takes us. I dont know, but I know I love the pic’s, fantastic and I agree, the first one should be framed.

    • I think it’s the adventurer in us that makes us want to hop aboard and see where it takes us.

      I like looking down the tracks and how they meet at a small bright spot in the photo.

      Thanks Cheryl!

  2. the last few days have been filled with a rush of happy child hood memories. thanks for adding to my list with Atsion.

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