Don’t put your child in a washing machine!

Authorities say a father’s prank at a southern New Jersey laundry nearly turned tragic when his toddler son briefly got stuck inside an active washing machine.

Alex Wilson, Getty Images

Now, they’re hoping to identify and locate the family. They say the matter isn’t considered criminal, but they want to ensure that the child wasn’t harmed.

The May 11 incident at the Camden business was captured on a surveillance video, which drew millions of hits after being posted on YouTube and other Internet sites.

The laundry’s owner says the father was playing “peek-a-boo” with the child and put him in the machine as a joke. When he shut the door, it locked and started an automatic cycle.

After a few frantic seconds, a worker stopped the machine and freed the child, who didn’t appear to be hurt.

The above is from website.

***  I saw the video.  It was not a few frantic seconds.  It was over 1 minute of panic.  The poor little kid was rolling around in there probably bumping his head and wondering why his father did this!  Terrible, stupid mistake!

You can Google it, youtube search or go to to see it.  Let me know what you think.  Should he be punished or was the bad experience enough?


6 thoughts on “Don’t put your child in a washing machine!

    • I don’t blame you Frank.

      UPDATE: The people with the child were not his parents. They were the baby sitter and her boyfriend. Mr and Mrs Stupid to be, I presume. They will make great parents!

      • Interestingly, with 10 mins after I read this post, I saw a report on CNN about it … and the video … and it seems no charges are being filed … and I agree with that.

        • Thanks Frank. It seems this is getting national attention. One of the many youtube videos had over 200k views. The attention to this city, Camden NJ, is usually because it is rated one of the most dangerous, crime infested cities in the US. A radio announcer said the child was safer in the washing machine than in the streets of Camden! That’s saying something!

  1. I watched the video. Crazy! This took place on 24th Street on Federal Street, Camden. I heard the mother will press charges and the baby’s father, who is incarcerated, wants charges filed as well. One of my offices is in Camden City and it does feel dangerous. Hope the baby has more trusting babysitters in the future.

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